Organic Abalone

Our farm is a true reflection of organic aquaculture and ecosystem.
Our production principles are based on: health, ecology, equality and precaution.

Our abalone production is set in living ecological systems and cycles; we work with them, we simulate them and we help them sustain.

In all of our processes we use natural medications to control ectoparasites. And we also use this medications as antibiotics, bactericidal and antiseptic.

We work with natural sedatives and low density farms in order to ensure the animal welfare.

Our abalone are fed during the entire cycle with algae obtained by shore collectors from natural grasslands. This activity is based on an extractive management program design to ensure the resource sustainability and fair trade.

We use the residual water from the abalone farming in others productive activities such as the maintenance of lobsters and other exporting living resources. We also use this water to promote integrated multi-trophic that we keep in our farm like alga, salicornia, abalone.

Marine Farms is exclusively dedicated to commercialize the live organic abalone mainly to Japan and China.

Our farm it is located in Punta Curaumilla in the Province of Valparaiso. Here we produce the seeds then we growth them into a feedlot in the Province of Chiloe at the South of Chile. After approximately four years live abalone are transferred by plane from Chiloé to the nursery conditioning in Punta Curaumilla.

Once packaged and prepared for a long flight, the live abalone are sent to exclusive customers in Japan and China.

Our live organic abalone has a wild looking, it is desired for its delicate flavor, firm flesh and unique texture due to the cold waters of South Pacific and its organic system of production.