Live marine resources of wild capture and organic aquaculture

One of the most important activities of Marine Farms S.A. is the maintenance, packaging and exportation of live marine resources.

Our facilities allow us to maintain and acclimatize OVER 6 TONES OF RESOURCES for live exportation.

Our live resources differ in their quality, respect and harmony with the environment and ecological systems.

We care about the welfare of RESOURCE AND ITS FISHERMEN.

We work from the beginning proposing, investigating and generating changes that allows the sustainability of the resource and its environment. We understand this relations as complex and permeable systems that we are part of and that are responsible for their sustainability over time where besides generating economic resources we care about making a contribution to the system integrity in the long term.

We specialized in the delivery of live lobsters, abalone, crabs, sea urchin and crabs to Europe, Asia and anywhere in the world.

Since our company is far from the Asian market that consumes live resources we make the longest routes that are also the routes with the best survival in the world.

We are aware of the print produce by air transportation to the consumption centers therefore we constantly work to decrease this print implementing sustainable packaging and systems.

We also care about the animal welfare and we implement in our packaging technology that allow us to visualize the level of stress on the resources that we trade.

We are always researching and implementing technologies in the area of animal welfare, decrease of ecological print, sustainable packaging and generation of new exportable resources.

Our live products are one of the few in the world that have a traceability oriented to our costumer.

We invite you to know our live products from wild handicraft fishery and organic farming.