Research, Innovation and Society

Our company from its begging has a philosophy oriented to the research and innovation. We believe that between science, innovation and society exists a deep state of symbiosis. This relation allow us to democratize scientific information making a big contribution to the literacy of society.

In our company we develop expertise in areas such as:

  1. Creation of organic protocols for the production of red abalone.
  2. Eco-efficient integrated systems in marine aquaculture.
  3. Valuation of live marine resources from handicraft fishing.
  4. Production of crustacean’s larvae and mollusks with repopulation purposes.
  5. Decrease of the ecological print, generation of sustainable packaging and animal welfare in the export of live products.
  6. Generating new exportable products marine living resources.
  7. Marine Aquaculture and Agriculture.
  8. Natural medicaments for control of diseases in aquaculture.

Marine Farms S.A. has a close relationship and engagement with local communities and in particular with the development and implementation of projects with social development and harmonious and sustainable growth.

Some of the projects that we have done are:

  1. Specialized assessment to the generation of the first organic abalone of the world.
    (Corfo Innova specialized assessment, 2008).
  2. Implementation of an anaerobic biodigester to generate biogas from the waste of seeds production and surplus of research.
    (Corfo Sercotec, 2009).
  3. Entrance to the Japanese market of live organic abalone.
    (Prochile, 2012).
  4. Entrance to the Chinesse market of golden crab from Juan Fernandez.
    (Prochile, 2013).
  5. Valuation of crab and lobsters from Juan Fernandez with traceability system.
    (Corfo Innova, 2013)
  6. Marine agriculture and aquaculture, sustainable alternative to the Valparaiso Region
    (Regional FIC. PUCV, Marine Farms S.A co-executor company, 2014)

Some national and international conferences in which we participated.

  1. International conference of Fisheries and Aquaculture: Chimbote, Peru.
    (2008, exponent)
  2. Extraction course of active compounds from medicinal flora: Havana, Cuba.
    (2009, participant)
  3. VIII international course of ecological economy, Santa Fe, Argentina.
    (2011, exponent)
  4. Marine agriculture and aquaculture course: Valparaiso, Chile.
    (2014, exponent).
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